Site Information for Vlissingen



Tide-gauge station Rijks Instituut voor Kust en Zee (RIKZ), Vlissingen, The Netherlands.

On-site contact: AGRS.NL team, Kadaster, +31652481939

GNSS Instrument(s)

NameMarkerReceiverAntennaOperatorNetworkStart dateEnd date
vlis13538M001LEICA GR50LEIAR25.R4NSGIEPN,AGRS.NL2006-11-22





Active instruments

VLIS (Vlissingen)

Marker ID: 13538M001
Operator: Kadaster
Log file: vlis00nld_20230417.log


Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyReceiver typeS/NFirmware
2006-11-22T15:00Z1402/3 3262007-09-14T05:27Z1444/5 257TPS ODYSSEY_E03052.6 Mar,16,2006
2007-09-14T05:27Z1444/5 2572008-05-08T06:26Z1478/4 129TPS ODYSSEY_E03053.0 Jun,16,2006 p3
2008-05-08T06:26Z1478/4 1292008-10-24T09:45Z1502/5 298TPS ODYSSEY_E03053.3 May,05,2008 p1
2008-10-24T09:45Z1502/5 2982009-11-06T07:00Z1556/5 310TPS ODYSSEY_E03053.3 Jul,10,2008 p4
2009-11-06T07:00Z1556/5 3102010-05-18T15:00Z1584/2 138TPS ODYSSEY_E03053.4 Mar,13,2009
2010-05-18T15:00Z1584/2 1382013-12-18T10:15Z1771/3 352TPS ODYSSEY_E03053.4 Dec,12,2009 p2
2013-12-18T10:15Z1771/3 3522014-09-30T14:00Z1812/2 273TPS ODYSSEY_E03053.5 Mar,16,2011 p1
2014-09-30T14:00Z1812/2 2732015-05-22T19:00Z1845/5 142LEICA GR2518701073.00/6.113
2015-05-22T19:00Z1845/5 1422016-03-01T09:20Z1886/2 061LEICA GR2518701073.03/6.214
2016-03-01T09:20Z1886/2 0612016-04-26T12:31Z1894/2 117LEICA GR2518701073.22/6.521
2016-04-26T12:31Z1894/2 1172016-08-30T11:43Z1912/2 243LEICA GR2518701073.22/6.522
2016-08-30T12:21Z1912/2 2432016-09-09T09:30Z1913/5 253LEICA GR5018701044.00/7.001
2016-09-09T09:30Z1913/5 2532016-11-25T15:49Z1924/5 330LEICA GR5018701074.00/7.001
2016-11-25T15:49Z1924/5 3302017-08-07T08:40Z1961/1 219LEICA GR5018701074.02/7.002
2017-08-07T08:42Z1961/1 2192018-07-09T15:06Z2009/1 190LEICA GR5018701074.11/7.102
2018-07-09T15:06Z2009/1 1902018-11-09T09:05Z2026/5 313LEICA GR5018701074.20/7.300
2018-11-09T09:05Z2026/5 3132019-01-10T10:30Z2035/4 010LEICA GR5018701074.31/7.403
2019-01-10T10:30Z2035/4 0102019-05-17T13:31Z2053/5 137LEICA GR5018703534.31/7.403
2019-05-17T13:32Z2053/5 1372021-09-17T09:10Z2175/5 260LEICA GR5018701074.31/7.403
2021-09-17T09:10Z2175/5 2602021-11-01T16:00Z2182/1 305LEICA GR5018701074.50/7.710
2021-11-01T16:00Z2182/1 3052022-03-31T09:50Z2203/4 090LEICA GR5018304114.31/7.403
2022-03-31T09:50Z2203/4 090 LEICA GR5018304114.52/7.711


Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyAntenna typeDomeS/NHeightAntenna calibration
2006-11-22T15:00Z1402/3 3262009-06-15T11:30Z1536/1 166TRM29659.00UNAV994500.000TRM29659.00+PS__TZGD_0220199450.atx
2009-06-15T11:30Z1536/1 1662014-09-30T14:00Z1812/2 273TRM29659.00UNAV994500.000TRM29659.00+PS__UNAV_0220199450.atx
2014-09-30T14:00Z1812/2 273 LEIAR25.R4LEIT7262010.000LEIAR25.R4______LEIT_726201.atx

External Frequency

Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyExt. Frequency type
2006-11-22T15:00Z1402/3 326 INTERNAL


2006-11-22T15:00Z 1402/3 326 -
The receiver is a Topcon Odyssey_RS, but the internal receiver id is Odyssey_E and the IGS receiver type is TPS ODYSSEY_E.
2006-11-23T00:00Z 1402/4 327 - 2009-06-15T11:30Z 1536/1 166
The antenna is a TRM29659.00 (Trimble Chokering) with UNAV radome. The antenna has been calibrated by Geo++ Hannover; the antenna type alias used in the calibration is TRM29659.0+PS__TZGD, but is actually a UNAV radome.
2009-06-15T11:30Z 1536/1 166 -
The damaged UNAV radome has been replace by an identical radome. The antenna itself was not changed. This may possibly affect the calibration by Geo++ Hannover. The antenna with the new radome has been calibrated in 2015 after removal from the site, the calibration is cataloged now as TRM29659.00+PS__UNAV."
2013-10-04T00:00Z 1760/5 277 - 2013-12-18T10:25Z 1771/3 352
From 2013-10-04 until 2013-12-18 the RINEX headers of the stations IJMU, VLIE and VLIS do not have the firmware version. The firmware version should be versie "3.4 Dec,12,2009 p2" as mentioned here in sitelog.xml, but the RINEX files have the incorrect version "3,5 Mar,16,2011 p1". This because the RINEX headers were update already 2013-10-04 while the actual firmware update was not done until 2013-12-18. For this period the RINEX file headers mention the incorrect firmware version.
2015-02-25T00:00Z 1833/3 056 - 2015-05-22T19:00Z 1845/5 142
From unknown date until 2015-05-22 the RINEX headers of VLIS does not list the correct firmware version, the firmware was updated tot 3.03 was done earlier. NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED.
2016-04-26T12:31Z 1894/2 117 - 2016-08-30T11:43Z 1912/2 243
The firmware was updated to 3.22/6.522 on 2016-04-26T12:31Z. The RINEX and log files however continued to report 3.22/6.521.
2016-11-25T15:49Z 1924/5 330 -
Imperative f/w upgrade: with previous f/w versions problems occur in LB2 data when 35 or more satellites are tracked resulting in loss of data.
2021-11-01T16:00Z 2182/1 305 -
The surge protector and several connectors were replaced. The receiver was replaced with the old receiver from SCHI which runs a little older firmware.
For more information contact Hans van der Marel.