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Tide gauge station at West-Terschelling, on the Wadden-Sea island of Terschelling, The Netherlands.

On-site contact: AGRS.NL team, Kadaster, +31652481939

GNSS Instrument(s)

NameMarkerReceiverAntennaOperatorNetworkStart dateEnd date




Antenna mast and surrounding.gif
Antenna mast and surrounding
Driving the piles for the foundation.gif
Driving the piles for the foundation
Foundations (1).gif
Foundations (1)
Foundations (2).gif
Foundations (2)
Foundations (3).gif
Foundations (3)
Installation of the antenna mast.gif
Installation of the antenna mast
Installation of the antenna.gif
Installation of the antenna

Active instruments

TERS (Terschelling)

Marker ID: 13534M001
Operator: AGRS.NL (KAD,MD,TUD)
Log file: ters00nld_20230417.log


Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyReceiver typeS/NFirmware
1996-10-30T14:00Z0877/3 3041999-07-13T14:05Z1018/2 194ROGUE SNR-12 RM2273.2.32.1
1999-07-13T14:35Z1018/2 1942000-04-26T15:00Z1059/3 117ROGUE SNR-12 RM2273.2.32.9
2000-04-27T10:50Z1059/4 1182002-11-20T11:00Z1193/3 324TRIMBLE 4700965181.20
2002-11-20T14:54Z1193/3 3242008-09-16T07:00Z1497/2 260TRIMBLE 470096518N1.30/S0.00
2008-09-16T07:30Z1497/2 2602008-10-03T09:34Z1499/5 277TPS ODYSSEY_E03233.3 May,05,2008 p1
2008-10-03T09:34Z1499/5 2772009-11-06T07:00Z1556/5 310TPS ODYSSEY_E03233.3 Jul,10,2008 p4
2009-11-06T07:00Z1556/5 3102010-05-18T15:00Z1584/2 138TPS ODYSSEY_E03233.4 Mar,13,2009
2010-05-18T15:00Z1584/2 1382013-08-29T14:58Z1755/4 241TPS ODYSSEY_E03233.4 Dec,12,2009 p2
2013-08-29T17:05Z1755/4 2412015-06-09T15:20Z1848/2 160SEPT POLARX430021012.5.2
2015-06-09T15:30Z1848/2 1602016-11-18T01:59Z1923/5 323SEPT POLARX430021012.9.0
2016-11-18T02:00Z1923/5 3232017-08-07T12:18Z1961/1 219SEPT POLARX430021012.9.5
2017-08-07T12:27Z1961/1 2192018-12-17T12:37Z2032/1 351SEPT POLARX430021012.9.6
2018-12-17T12:40Z2032/1 3512020-06-10T07:45Z2109/3 162SEPT POLARX430021012.9.6-patch2
2020-06-10T08:25Z2109/3 1622022-11-25T14:45Z2237/5 329SEPT POLARX5E30480265.3.2
2022-11-25T14:45Z2237/5 329 SEPT POLARX5E30480265.5.0


Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyAntenna typeDomeS/NHeightAntenna calibration
1996-10-30T14:00Z0877/3 3042000-04-26T15:00Z1059/3 117AOAD/M_TDUTD2410.000
2000-04-27T10:50Z1059/4 1182004-03-19T17:00Z1262/5 079TRM29659.00UNAV932430.000TRM29659.00_____UNAV_0220193243.atx
2004-03-24T14:30Z1263/3 0842014-06-07T10:00Z1795/6 158TRM29659.00UNAV932510.000TRM29659.00_____UNAV_0220193251.atx
2014-06-07T14:30Z1795/6 1582020-11-20T14:30Z2132/5 325LEIAR25.R4LEIT7267000.000LEIAR25.R4______LEIT_726700.atx
2020-11-20T14:30Z2132/5 325 LEIAR25.R4LEIT7267000.000LEIAR25.R4______LEIT_726700.atx

External Frequency

Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyExt. Frequency type
1996-10-30T14:00Z0877/3 304 INTERNAL


2000-04-27T10:50Z 1059/4 118 - 2000-06-05T15:40Z 1065/1 157
A bug in the data logging software resulted in double difference ambiguities that are not integer. Hence, ambibuity fixed solutions are not correct during this period, although the ambiguity float solutions are okay. 1059/4/10:50 (27/4) - 1065/1/15:40 (5/6). For more information see EUREFMAIL 0549.
2004-03-19T17:00Z 1262/5 079 -
Antenna replaced because of storm dammage.
2020-11-16T12:00Z 2132/1 321 - 2020-11-20T14:30Z 2132/5 325
Between 2020-11-16 12:00 UTC and 2020-11-20 14:30 UTC the data quality is sub-standard and not considered usable due to the ingression of water in the antenna cable. On 2020-11-20 the antenna cable was replaced, and a new antenna entry is created.
2020-11-20T14:30Z 2132/5 325 -
On 2020-11-20 the antenna cable was replaced, and a new antenna entry is created. The old antenna cable (which contained water and was damaged) was replaced by a new cable. To replace the cable the antenna was unmounted and placed back again in the same position, however, very subtle differences in the position on the mast cannot be ruled out. The new antenna cable setup is 2x 15m RG214 N-m - N-m, 1x 0.75m RG223 N-f - TNC-m, Phoenix surge protection. Antenna Cable Length 30.75 m.
For more information contact Hans van der Marel.