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AGRS.NL station on Wetterskip Fryslan building at the Reeweg, Schiermonnikoog, near underground height marker 000A2594, The Netherlands.

On-site contact: AGRS.NL team, Kadaster, +31652481939

GNSS Instrument(s)

NameMarkerReceiverAntennaOperatorNetworkStart dateEnd date
schi13541M001LEICA GR50TPSCR.G3AGRS.NLAGRS2005-09-20





SCHI (Schiermonnikoog)

Marker ID: 13541M001
Operator: Kadaster


Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyReceiver typeS/NFirmware
2005-09-20T00:00Z1341/2 2632010-05-18T23:59Z1584/2 138TPS ODYSSEY_E323-03093.4 May,13,2009
2010-05-19T00:00Z1584/3 1392013-10-04T23:59Z1760/5 277TPS ODYSSEY_E323-03093.4 May,13,2009 p2
2013-10-05T00:00Z1760/6 2782014-09-02T23:59Z1808/2 245TPS ODYSSEY_E323-03093.5 Mar,16,2011 p1
2014-09-03T00:00Z1808/3 2462015-04-16T09:15Z1840/4 106LEICA GR2518701003.03/6.214
2015-04-16T00:15Z1840/4 1062015-09-24T13:00Z1863/4 267LEICA GR2518701003.11.1639/6.403
2015-09-24T13:00Z1863/4 2672016-04-05T12:55Z1891/2 096LEICA GR2518303213.11.1639/6.403
2016-04-05T12:55Z1891/2 0962016-04-26T10:18Z1894/2 117LEICA GR2518701003.11.1639/6.403
2016-04-26T10:22Z1894/2 1172016-07-12T08:15Z1905/2 194LEICA GR2518701003.22/6.522
2016-07-12T08:15Z1905/2 1942016-11-25T15:29Z1924/5 330LEICA GR5018304114.00/7.001
2016-11-25T15:29Z1924/5 3302017-08-07T07:00Z1961/1 219LEICA GR5018304114.02/7.002
2017-08-07T07:02Z1961/1 219 LEICA GR5018304114.11/7.102


Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyAntenna typeDomeS/NHeightAntenna calibration
2005-09-20T00:00Z1341/2 2632011-08-04T23:59Z1647/4 216TPSPG_A1+M308-04120.000
2011-08-04T00:00Z1647/4 216 TPSCR.G3TPSH38306110.000TPSCR.G3+M2_____TPSH_383-0611.atx

External Frequency

Installedweek/d doyRemovedweek/d doyExt. Frequency type
2005-09-20T00:00Z1341/2 263 INTERNAL


2014-09-03T00:00Z 1808/3 246 -
A multi-gnss LEICA GR25 receiver was installed. The station has been upgraded to AGRS.NL station.
2005-09-20T00:00Z 1341/2 263 -
The RD marker number is 020312_11_2009.
2005-09-20T00:00Z 1341/2 263 -
Please note that station abbreviation listed in the DOMES registration is SCHR instead of SCHI. SCHI has been used in the Netherlands for this station since 2005, but was already assigned to an other station when the DOMES number was requested in 2015. The DOMES number is however unique for this station.
2016-11-25T15:29Z 1924/5 330 -
Imperative f/w upgrade: with previous f/w versions problems occur in LB2 data when 35 or more satellites are tracked resulting in loss of data.
For more information contact Hans van der Marel.