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Cabauw test site (Netherlands)

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SAR images

Chronological overview of activities and events:

9 March 2010
Installation of Corner Reflectors (CR) by Roel, Tjibbe, Pooja, Mahmut, Sami, Shizhuo Liu, Seigen, Ye, Karsten, Piers, Anneleen, Lennert, Jochgem and Andy. With special thanks to Jacques Warmer and Marcel Brinkenberg (KNMI) for the local support and hospitality. [ Foto's Tjibbe | Foto's Anneleen ]
10 March 2010
Alignment of CR and start of GPS observations by Roel and Tjibbe. [ Foto's Tjibbe ]
14 March 2010
Levelling of the CR by Pooja, Ardis, Dhilini, Felice and Ramon. [ Foto's Ardis ]
22 March 2010
Miguel has processed the first SAR image (of 17 March 2010) with the corner reflectors clearly visible. The mast just below CR1 appears also very bright. [ Cabauw image with CR | Zuid Holland ]

Koroska Bela test site (Slovenia)

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