Digital Elevation Model for the Netherlands (AHN-2)

Digital Elevation Model data for the Netherlands (AHN-2) is available from this server in blocks of 5 by 6.25 kilometers in 5 meter resolution. Clicking on each tile in the Google map below gives the name of each block and a link to a zip file on this server with the AHN-2 elevation data. To download the data a username and password is required.

Clickable map with AHN tiles (this will redirect you to Google maps server)
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You can also download each block from the AHN-2 download page (username and password required). For GIS users also a shape file with the block is available in the zip file Please note that for some of the tiles in the map no data may be available (mostly area's with lot of water).

The AHN-2 5 meter resolution data for each 5 by 6.25 km block is stored in a zip file. Each zip file contains a file w001001.adf in the Arc/Info Binary Grid format with the actual data. All heights refer to ground level (maaiveld). Buildings, trees, and other objects have been filtered out.

This page and download service is provided as a convenience for staff and students of the department Geoscience and Remote Sensing of the Delft University of Technology only. The downloads are protected by a username and password. The data in 5 meter resolution has been retrieved from the TU Delft maproom and reformatted into zip-files. Other resolutions are available from the TU Delft maproom and computer cluster of the department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

More information on the AHN see the AHN website (in Dutch). For more maps available to staff and students of the Delft University of Technology see the TU Delft maproom.

For more information or questions concerning this webpage contact Hans van der Marel.