Dutch Permanent GNSS Array (DPGA)

Archive of news items

All historic RINEX3 files have been renamed to the new naming convention and moved to the regular ./rinex directory tree. RINEX3 files now use the long names like DLF100NLD_20160610000_01D_30S_MO.crx.gz, the RINEX2 files use the old naming style with short names like dlf10610.16d.Z. Furthermore, highrate and hourly RINEX3 data from before January 1, 2016, have been packed in daily zip files like DLF100NLD_2015256UUUU_01H_10S_MO.crx.zip and DLF100NLD_2015256UUUU_15M_01S_MO.crx.zip that can be found in the regular hourly and highrate RINEX repositories. [2 April 2016]

Three new AGRS.NL stations have been included in the data center. The new stations are: AMEL (Ameland), SCHI (Schiermonnikoog) and TXE2 (Texel). All three stations are located on the Wadden-Islands nearby underground NAP benchmarks. TXE2 is colocated at a tide-gauge. The data is now available from the regular repository [1 March 2016]

IJMU (IJmuiden) and VLIS (Vlissingen), both colocated at tide-gauges, have become part of the EUREF Permanent GPS network. Routine data uploads to BKG and OLG start March 216. [1 March 2016]

Starting March 1, 2016, the RINEX3 file naming convention is used for all RINEX version 3 data (DLF1, WSRA). For instance, the 30 s daily RINEX 3 observation file for DLF1 is now called DLF100NLD_20160610000_01D_30S_MO.crx.gz. The old naming style, dlf10610.16d.Z, is reserved for RINEX version 2 files only. The newly named files will be placed in the regular ./rinex directories. Until the end of March 2016, symbolic links in the ./rinex3 directory using the old naming style will be available to help smooth out the transition. [1 March 2016]

A new station was build at the Kootwijk site to replace the ailing KOSG station. The 4 letter abbreviation of the new stations is KOS1, with DOMES number 13504M005. The new station is located 700 meters from KOSG, and operates a Septentrio PolaRx4 receiver with LEIAR25.R3 LEIT antenna. [18 June 2013]

The GPS antenna type at CABW has been damaged and was replaced by a different type. There is a small offset in position and height. [17 March 2012]

Data in the new RINEX version 3 format is now available for a few multi GNSS receivers. The data is served from a dedicated parent directory ./rinex3 with subdirectories for daily (30 sec), hourly (10 sec) and highrate (1 sec, 15 minute files) data. [1 June 2011]

The server has been migrated to a new location and domain: http and ftp services are now provided from gnss1.tudelft.nl. Http connections to the old server (gnss1.lr.tudelft.nl) are re-directed to the new server, however, ftp access is only available through the new server. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. [20 Dec 2010]

A new station VLIE (Vlieland) has been added. VLIE is co-located with a tide-gauge station at the Dutch coast and a primary underground marker from the National height datum (NAP). VLIE is the fourth station that is co-located with a tide-gauge; other stations co-located to tide-gauges are TERS (Terschelling), IJMU (IJmuiden) and VLIS (Vlissingen). VLIE is operated by the Kadaster. [2 Dec 2010]

For more information or questions contact Hans van der Marel.